BPSA and Alumnae

The Blackthorn Past Students Association (BPSA) is an integral part of the College community, serving as an important bridge to its past students and giving a voice for present operations and future plans.

Initially formed as the Thornburgh Old Boys’ Association in 1924 and the Blackheath Old Girls’ Association in 1925, the groups combined in 1935 to form an inclusive and driving force, furthering the connections of past students and promoting the name of the College.

With its rich and vibrant history, the BPSA fosters fellowship between past students, actively organises and supports Reunions and assists the College and its students through financial and non-financial support.



The BPSA Executive Committee holds at least three meetings per year and more as required.  In this way the business of the association and the various reunions can be organised and promoted.  In addition, we publish and distribute the annual Blackthorn News to provide news of our members.

At the 2018 AGM the following were elected:

Mr David Cummins                 President

Mr Geoff Chapman                  Vice President

Mrs Kristine Patterson          Acting Secretary (appointed post the AGM)

Mrs Jay Goodwin                     Treasurer

The committee will be active in the lead up to our centenary year 2019.

In 2019 we would also like to recognise the contribution our Day Students have made to the college.  Keep in touch by viewing this page and the BPSA Facebook page as we list and update the events we have planned for 2019, including our Centenary Year Reunion.

The Paint Initiative:  Following the Reunion 2018 past students have no donated all of the paint required and the cost of labour to have it done.  Thornburgh House now stands in all its original glory on the outside!  In addition past students have donated all the funding required to restore all the rooms upstairs and that work is being completed.  Currently the past students are working to repair the Memorial Fountain which is need of urgent repair.